Resident interstitial lung fibroblasts and their role in alveolar stem cell niche development, homeostasis, injury, and regeneration

Another new LungMAP Publication!

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Proteomic Analysis of Human Lung Development

New LungMAP Publication! Exciting new study from LungMAP Investigators at PNNL to explore proteome variation the human lung across 50 pediatric and adult donors spanning nearly 9k proteins.

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High-throughput and high-efficiency sample preparation for single-cell proteomics using a nested nanowell chip

Single-cell proteomics using nanoPOTS, from PNNL investigators including LungMAP PI's Geremy Clair and Josh Adkins

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Thank you

Donor tissue supplied through the US DHHS Donation and Transplantation Network, the National Disease Research Interchange and the International Institute for Advancement of Medicine, organizations that link donor families to the scientific community.

We are extremely grateful to the families who have generously given such precious gifts to support this important research.