Mary-Anne Ardini, Jason McDermott

Jason McDermott is a senior research scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington and a member of the LungMAP team.  He is also a cartoonist with a following. His latest publication appares in PLOS (also available below).


Jason discusses his artwork in a recent essay published in Science. "On a personal level, it has become a form of therapy as I express, in a humorous way, my frustrations with academic life and the business of science. "

"My comics also help me engage with the broad scientific community. My daytime work may only interest a small group of people, but in my comics, I can address topics that are important to all researchers, including publishing and peer review, time management, and the process of doing science."

"Connecting with others about these issues helps give purpose to my drawing and motivates me to continue."

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