Mary-Anne Ardini

Science Shapes Precision Care. Listen to speakers at the first session of the conference that took place on July 6, 2017. The conference was organized by LungMAP investigators at University of California San Diego, led by Jim Hagood. Presentation slides are included to accompany the audio files. TO VIEW ACCOMPANYING SLIDES, SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE AND CLICK ON ATTACHMENT FILE. 












Special thanks to all conference participants for sharing their talks and materials with the LungMAP project!

Attachments Rare-Pediatric-Respiratory-Disease-Conf-2017-Program.pdf 125p-Deterding-Overview-of-Rare-Lung-Diseases-Challenges-and-Research-Opportunities.pdf 255p-Whitsett-Cincinnati-Childrens-Hospital.pdf 255p-Hoffman-Gene-to-Treatment-Importance-of-Families.pdf