The Dynamic Regulatory Events Miner (DREM) software was developed to integrate static protein-DNA interaction data with time series gene expression data for reconstructing dynamic regulatory networks. With additional types of high-throughput time series data now available (miRNA expression, proteomics, epigenomics and single cell RNA-Seq), integrating all available time series and static datasets in a unified model was our new challenge. Enter interactive DREM---iDREM.

iDREM supports all data types mentioned above and, importantly, allows users to interactively visualize a gene, TF, path or model-centric view of each of these data types, their interactions and their impact on the resulting model (shown below). This manual provides information about development and use of the tool. To try the tool with your own data of interest, download the tool from and follow instructions in the manual.

Give iDREM a try!

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