LungMAP is a central repository for data generated by the LungMAP Consortium as well as data offered for inclusion by other investigators working on similar projects. Both the LungMAP database and the consortium are funded by the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). LungMAP was established with a belief that scientific progress in understanding lung development will lead to advances in treatment of lung disease and essential to these advances is free sharing of data produced by the Consortium for use by the research community.

LungMAP includes mouse and human data.

Mouse data

Data generated from mouse samples is available for download on the LungMAP website to any interested user without need of an account. If data are used for further research or are used in a publication or presentation, we ask that you cite LungMAP.

Human data

Human samples from deceased donors are used to generate some of the data in LungMAP. Due to the circumstances of tissue donation, we ask that these data are treated with care.  Consent was obtained from donor families to contribute to scientific investigation for the advancement of understanding of lung development and lead to cures for lung disease. A formal data request is not required currently but we will ask that you:

  • create a data user account with LungMAP by providing your email address, affiliation and a contact phone; and
  • accept the conditions of our download agreement