The genomic, epigenomic, and biophysical cues controlling the emergence of the lung alveolus (LMEX0000004391)
Edward E. Morrisey (UPenn)
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Chart Type
Primary Grouping
Secondary Grouping
LungMAP ID Alt ID Species Sex Age Age Group Weight Strain Genotype
LMSP0000001129 Adult Mus musculus Female P28 P4-P36 CD-1 WT
LMSP0000001123 E12.5 Mus musculus Female E12.5 E12.5 CD-1 WT
LMSP0000001124 E15.5 Mus musculus Female E15.5 E15.5 CD-1 WT
LMSP0000001125 E17.5 Mus musculus Female E17.5 E17.5-E19.5 CD-1 WT
LMSP0000001128 P15 Mus musculus Female P15 P4-P36 CD-1 WT
LMSP0000001126 P3 Mus musculus Female P3 P0-P3 CD-1 WT
LMSP0000001127 P7 Mus musculus Female P7 P4-P36 CD-1 WT