Systematic identification of 58 lung cell populations in bronchi and parenchyma from 3 normal lungs (LMEX0000004389)
Kyle J. Travaglini (Stanford Med) | Ahmad N. Nabhan (Stanford Med) | Stephen R. Quake (Zuckerberg) | Mark A. Krasnow (Stanford Med)
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Chart Type
Primary Grouping
Secondary Grouping
LungMAP ID Alt ID Species Sex Race Age Age Group GA at Birth CGA Weight Weight Percentile Cause of Death Type of Death Health Status
LMSP0000001120 Patient 1 Homo sapiens Male 75 years Adult
LMSP0000001121 Patient 2 Homo sapiens Male 46 years Adult
LMSP0000001122 Patient 3 Homo sapiens Female 51 years Adult