Single-cell RNA-Seq on unsorted lung cells from WT E16.5, E18.5, P1, P3, P7, P10, P14, and P28 C57BL6 mice (LMEX0000001602)
Jeffrey A. Whitsett (CCHMC) | S. Stephen Potter (CCHMC) | Bruce Aronow (CCHMC)
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Chart Type
Primary Grouping
Secondary Grouping
LungMAP ID Alt ID Species Sex Age Age Group Weight Strain Genotype
LMSP0000001248 E16.5 Pool Mus musculus Female E16.5 E16.5-E17.5 C57BL6 WT
LMSP0000000478 LMM.15.96.1 Mus musculus Female E18.5 E17.5-E19.5 1.02 g C57BL6 WT
LMSP0000000570 LMM.16.95A.1 Mus musculus Female P1 P0-P3 1.3 g C57BL6 WT
LMSP0000001253 P10 Pool Mus musculus P10 P4-P36 C57BL6 WT
LMSP0000001252 P14 Pool Mus musculus P14 P4-P36 C57BL6 WT
LMSP0000001250 P28 Pool Mus musculus P28 P4-P36 C57BL6 WT
LMSP0000001251 P3 Pool Mus musculus P3 P0-P3 C57BL6 WT
LMSP0000001249 P7 Pool Mus musculus P7 P4-P36 C57BL6 WT