Type I pneumocyte
Term: Type I pneumocyte
LungMAP ID: LMMA0000000379
Ages: E17.5 – E19.5 | P0-P3 | P4-P36
Synonyms: AEC1 | AT1 cell | ATI cell | alveolar epithelial cell, type I | alveolar type 1 cell | alveolar type I cell | alveolar type I epithelial cell | lung type 1 cell | pulmonary alveolar type I cell | squamous alveolar cell | squamous alveolar lining cell | type I alveolar cell | type I alveolar epithelial cell
Definition: A thin, flat or squamous ("scale-like") alveolar epithelial cell, covering ~95% of the surface area of each alveolus, that facilitates gas exchange across the alveolar wall (septum), i.e., between the alveolus (airspace) and the capillary network.