LungMAP consortium is pleased to be selected as a 2019 ATS scientific symposium under the Basic Science Core sponsored by Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology and Pediatrics assemblies. If you are attending ATS 2019, please plan to join our symposium held on May 21,2019 from 2:15 - 4:15 PM Session C86!


will be of high value to researchers, investigators in basic and clinical science, clinical and research fellows in pulmonology training, clinical and research scientists interested in human lung development and disease; junior professionals.

Most of our knowledge of lung development and cell lineage hierarchy is derived from animal models. Therefore, there exists an important gap of knowledge in our understanding of cell lineages and cell fates in human lung development, and how they may relate to lung disease. In order to address these knowledge gaps, the LungMap Consortium has begun to create a molecular and cellular atlas of the developing mouse and human lung. This session will provide an overview of several novel aspects of human lung development, uncovered by the application of innovative technologies by experts in the field, with a focus on cell lineage and cell fate.


Denise Al Alam, PhD - Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 

Thomas Mariani, PhD - University of Rochester Medical Center

Anne Karina Perl, PhD - Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Namasivayam Ambalavanan, MD - University of Alabama Birmingham

Session Presenters and Topics

Gail Deutsch, MD: Introduction: Human lung development and congenital lung abnormalities

Jim Hagood, MD: Epigenetic regulation of cell lineages in human lung development

Charles Ansong, PhD: Multi-omic integration and characterization of human lung cell types

Gloria Pryhuber, MD: T cell development in full term and premature infants

Minzhe Guo, PhD - Junior Investigator Presentation: Transcriptomic lineage mapping of the developing human lung

See data from the presenters contained in LungMAP's BREATH database. Here is a presentation of multiple types of data from one of our human donor tissues that allows investigation into cell types. 


More at ATS 2019

LungMAP investigators will present on Monday May 20 9:15-11:15 AM as part of the President's Symposium Session B13 entitled: 50 YEARS OF PROGRESS IN PULMONARY SCIENCE

9:35 Respiratory Distress Syndrome- J.A. Whitsett, MD, Cincinnati, OH 

11:00 Future Directions in Lung Research:Lung Development-Denise Al Alam, PhD