University of Alabama at Birmingham / Yale University / University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill/ University of California, San Diego / Carnegie Mellon University

Principal Investigators

Namasivayam Ambalavanan, M.D.

University of Alabama Birmingham

Naftali Kaminski, M.D. 

Yale School of Medicine

James S. Hagood, M.D.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Ziv Bar-Joseph 

Carnegie Mellon University


Research Description: Alveolar DevMap

The overall objective of “Alveolar DevMAPUAB-UNC-UCSD-Yale-CMU Research Center is to generate a compendium of the dynamic and regional changes in epigenetic marks, microRNA, mRNA and proteins that happen during alveolar septation, and use this compendium to generate a dynamic temporal regulatory model of normal alveolar septation 

Aim 1: To identify changes in coding and non-coding RNAs during alveolar septation;

Aim 2: To determine changes in global DNA methylation during alveolar septation;

Aim 3: To identify the shifts in transcription factor and proteomic profile during alveolar septation;

Aim 4: To use, extend and validate our analytical tools to model dynamic signaling and regulatory networks activated in lung development that will be shared with other members of the consortium.

In all aims we will use samples acquired from laser capture microdissection (LCM) of developing alveoli or fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) of dispersed lung cells, collected at tight intervals to allow detailed analysis. Confirmation by quantitative immunohistochemistry and in-situ for transcripts will be included as well as some experimental validations. Samples from the Human Tissue Core (HTC) will be supplied Dr. Ambalavanan who will oversee LCM and FACS at UAB. Samples will be distributed to Dr. Kaminski (Yale) for miRNA and mRNA analysis, Dr. Hagood (UNC) for DNA methylation, and Dr. Mobley (UAB) for proteomics. Data integration and computational model development will be done by Dr. Bar-Joseph at CMU. The Alveolar DevMAP and computational models developed through these studies will identify regulatory "control points" in alveolar development. See entire DevMap Team below


Entire Alveolar DevMap Team

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Department of Pediatrics
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Birmingham , AL 35233-1771
Yale University
The Anlyan Center
300 Cedar St, STE S441D
New Haven , CT 06519
University of North Carolina
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Chapel Hill , NC 27599-7217
Carnegie Mellon
Carnegie Mellon University
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